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If anyone who helped with the port is interested we have a real fork. If you want to contribute your old patches we never got to CVS, contact me. It's just so we can create a stable port, which has been impossible until now. (We are not going to fix the fact that most of the code exists in the preprocessor though.)

question about behaviour

I've recently started testing daily haiku builds and noticed that when I double-click the BeBook link on the desktop two instances of the browser open. Has any one else experienced this? And, where should it be reported? Haiku-Ports or Dev-Haiku?
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Time for something completly different?

I've grown (very) tired of trying to get code into Mozilla base. I just failed getting a patch reviewed that increases stability, quality and speed of Mozilla on the sole argument that they don't like a structure in the OLD Mozilla-code (and I don't change it structurally). This means it won't go into Firefox 2 and there is no chance to fix that now. Adding stuff to a 310k patch isn't very smart anyway, especially when it's something that would be much more suited for a bug of it's own.


Now that Firefox 2 is nearing end of life*, it's a good time to stop for me as well.

I'll be around, but I won't be working much on anything I need to talk with Mozilla about.

*) And without any BeOS/Haiku improvements at all since I've been stuck waiting for this review.
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Firefox2 for Haiku

Well, not yet. I've come to the conclusion that there is no chance at all to get all the changes for Haiku into mozilla code before Firefox2 end of life. So it's time for plan B.

Plan B is described in Mozilla Licensing under "I want to distribute a modified version of Firefox (or other MPL-covered code). What do I have to do?"

* We need to list and make the modifications available on the net for at least 12 months (no problems)
* Add MPL headers to new files (no problems, only a few NSPR-files)
* Include a statement that your code is derived from the particular piece of MPLed code you started with (e.g. Firefox), and a list of the names of the Initial Developers of that code (just point to mozilla page?)

* We probably need a Mozilla Foundation trademark license for (the Firefox name or logo).
According to the policy on trademark usage we need one as it will be some 'serious' modifications.

Before we put forward a request at Trademark Usage Requests, is there any opinions and comments, and maybe even a good wording for such a request?

I guess that the changes to Firefox should probably be fairly limited to get their approval:
* gcc4 fixes
* configuration changes for Haiku building
* bugfixes for Haiku building
* new NSPR (if not checked in)
* Native colors fixes
* Native executable (by hand or by mmadia modified patch)
* port setup fix.
* other?