В двух словах (fyysik) wrote in bezilla,
В двух словах

Haiku-compatible FF with Haiku-specific "launch-kill" fix.

If someone needs Firefox which doesn't close other Mozilla apps and won't to be closed itself by others, there is such build for download - until Tigerdogs publishes full set of of Mozilla apps.

Works also on R5-BONE. As it was built on my own development code, it fixes problem with mouse sticking (lost mouse-up events), features filtering in File Picker, proper file-type recognition and also adds Postscript printing.

Also here is download for SeaMonkey users (Haiku, R5-BONE) with same critical fix and mentioned features.

I think those fixed version will be safer for use also in R5 and Zeta - as that bug with ports may lead to unpredictable things in BeOS-based OS-es too.

Look at older messages for solved problem explanation, e.g.

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