mmadia (mmadia) wrote in bezilla,

One final hoo-rah for 1_8_BRANCH (?)

Lately, I've been doing some Mozilla work inside Haiku.

The dependencies(autoconf-2.13, glib-1.2, and libIDL-0.6) have been ironed out. I even made a script to download, patch, build, and install them.

Eventually, the script will be posted somewhere and the portlogs for the dependencies will be added to HaikuPorts

tqh's cross-compiling patch has been improved to allow native compiling inside Haiku with gcc2.
The updated patch : Bug: 418487

So at this point, fairly vanilla versions build and run in Haiku.

My goal is to build some very nice packages for use with R1/Alpha1 , which includes:
-Built with Haiku's native gcc (currently gcc2)
-tqh's NSPR : Bug: 300595
-native color fixes : Bug: 475050
-native binary launching : Bug: 425962

Any idea where the patch for the launch-kill fix is ?
edit: launch-kill fix is Bug: 44633

edit: since this build won't be able to use trademarks, should i include tigerdog's HaikuFox
or Franxico's Haiku 404
Are there any other patches that could be included?
-apprunner-beos.rsrc for Sunbird :Bug: 423359

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